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Compete for cash based on your creativity! There is a contest every month challenging your creativeness. A monthly entry fee of just five dollars automatically makes you eligible to win the cash jackpot every month. All approved entries will be posted for public review and comment. Vote for your favorite entry online today! VOTE ONLINE FREE!
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Only one creative contest winner will be declared, so you can make multiple attempts to win the jackpot! The more entries you make each month, the greater your chances of winning! The winner will receive the lesser of 50% of the cash value of the eligible jackpot (based on the number of eligible contestants) or $1,000 cash. WE WANT TO GIVE AWAY AT LEAST $1,000 EACH MONTH but we need a minimum of 250 contestants per month to do so!!! So submit your entry today and go tell all your friends to vote for you! Then have your friends submit their entry too! The more contestants we have, the larger the jackpot! So, if at least 250 contestants enter in the creative contest each month, then the jackpot winner is guaranteed at least $1,000 cash! Submit Entry Online!
Winners Get Paid!
Beat the deadline and submit your entry fee for each creative contest by no later than the last day of the calendar month! If your entry wins, you'll receive the lesser of $1,000 cash or 50% of the cash jackpot (based on the number of contestants competing) deposited directly into your PayPal account! Votes are tallied on the 1st day of every month and winnings are distributed to the sole winner within one week of the close of polls (usually by no later than the seventh day of the subsequent month).

Participate Just For Fun
Affiliate members get one free entry per month and are eligible to win the "Affiliate Champion" title based on the number of paid referrals. Whomever has referred the most paid "Creative Contest" participants will be crowned "Affiliate Champion" and will be eligible for the $1,000 prize. In order to be eligible to receive the $1,000 cash reward, the "Affiliate Champion" must have personally referred a minimum of 250 paid participants in the "Creative Contest of the Month". There is no participation necessary in order to win. Unfortunately, however, affiliate members who have not submitted an entry fee for the "Creative Contest of the Month" will NOT eligible to win the jackpot prize of up to $1,000 per month for the best new original idea (as determined by on-line votes).
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Got A Creative Contest Idea?
If you have an idea for the "Creative Contest of the Month" simply email us with your idea and if chosen, we'll incorporate your creative contest idea the subsequent month and pay you the greater of twenty-five dollars or 5% (five percent) of the jackpot during the month that we sponsor your contest.
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Affiliates submit one FREE ENTRY per month!
Sign-up as a free affiliate and get your entries and votes in now for the Creative Contest of the Month. To win, by the last calendar day of the month, simply submit the "Creative Contest of the Month" ORIGINAL IDEA and get more votes for your entry than any other contestant this month. It has to be comprised 100% ENTIRELY BY YOU! Any entries received that are CLEARLY plagiarized will be disqualified from the contest and monies will NOT be refundable. Entries deemed inappropriate due to strong sexual content, racial, cultural or religious slandering, abuse of adult language, or other socially unacceptable reasons may be withdrawn without notice and refunds will be given only at the discretion of the contest moderator. Once your entry has been received, reviewed and accepted it will be posted to our site for pubic comment. Voting results will be tallied and posted on the group list using the polls feature.

Affiliate Program Details
Earn $1 (one dollar) each month for any person you refer who actually submits an entry for our creative contests! This can be a great source of residual income while providing a guaranteed outlet for personal entertainment and fulfillment. Balances are paid out when your personal referrals total or more. All participating affiliates are are eligible to win $1,000 as "Affiliate Champion" when their total referrals exceed 250 paid participants in the "Creative Contest of the Month".
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